Custom Protein Services

Can’t find your proteins of interest?

EuzLab has organized a team of biologists who specialize in protein expression and purification in all four commonly used expression systems including bacteria, yeast, insect/baculovirus and mammalian cells. We proudly offer high quality recombinant protein services with the best price guarantee and quick turnaround time. It is our goal to accelerate innovative research by being a reliable partner in your discovery.

Escherichia coli (E. coli) is one of the most widely used hosts for the production of heterologous proteins. Its genetics are far better characterized than those of any other microorganism. E.coli expression is by far the most cost-efficient and consistent production method. We have the capabilities to scale up from milligrams to grams. Although E.coli do not incorporate post-translational modifications into the recombinant protein, many E.coli produced proteins do show activity of the native protein (our robust catalogue of active recombinant proteins is evidence of this). However bacterial cells produce endotoxins, so if you plan to use the protein in any animal cells or assays, endotoxin removal is recommended.