Custom Protein Service in Insect Cells

EuzLab has organized a team of biologists who specialize in protein expression and purification in all four commonly used expression systems including bacteria, yeast, insect/baculovirus and mammalian cells. We proudly offer high quality recombinant protein services with the best price guarantee and quick turnaround time. It is our goal to accelerate innovative research by being a reliable partner in your discovery.

The Baculovirus insect cell expression system is widely used for the production of precisely matured, folded and processed recombinant proteins. In contrast to E. coli, insect cells are able to incorporate post-translational modifications. This unique tool usually yields high amounts of the target protein, making it highly cost effective in comparison to other eukaryotic expression systems. They are also particularly well-suited for expressing secreted proteins


Pilot Expression:
- Subcloning into recombinant bacmid DNA (baculovirus vectors).
- Generation and evaluation of baculovirus recombinants (generation of high-titer viral stock).
- Transfection of insect cells, SF9 cells (infection of insect cells with high titer stock).
- Amplification of recombinant.
- Pilot protein expression.
- QC testing: SDS-PAGE and protein concentration.
5-8 weeks
Pilot Purification:
- Optimization of expression conditions (viral titre, incubation time, etc).
- Pilot purification of expressed protein.
- Max. purity currently achievable by this service is 80-90%.
2-3 weeks
Scale up:
Scale up of purified protein.
-Desired quantity
- Expression results
- QC data
‐ Weekly progress reports

Varies with scale and/or purity.
Varies with scale and/or purity

Project Procedure

For Baculovirus Expression projects, we start with a pilot study for the expression (to test whether it is high or low), followed by purification of the pilot study if needed. The key factor here is to test the expression, as this is the main challenge for the Baculovirus expression system. You will receive a report following this study. No sample will be shipped.

Following this, you can decide the quantity and purity of protein you desire and we will provide you with a quote. The price varies based on the quantity desired and synthesis process.

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