Custom Protein Service in Yeast

EuzLab has organized a team of biologists who specialize in protein expression and purification in all four commonly used expression systems including bacteria, yeast, insect/baculovirus and mammalian cells. We proudly offer high quality recombinant protein services with the best price guarantee and quick turnaround time. It is our goal to accelerate innovative research by being a reliable partner in your discovery.

Yeast expression system is attractive for the expression and production of recombinant proteins as they offers many advantages over prokaryotic and eukaryotic expression systems such as: high yield, low cost, ease of scaling up, and proper protein folding.

- Sub-cloning into yeast expression system
- Transient expression and purification
- Stable Cell line establishment
‐ QC testing: SDS-PAGE and protein concentration
- Weekly progress reports
- Desired quantity of purified, soluble protein
- QC data
14-19 weeks

Varies with project, please Inquire.

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